What happened???

headerimgSo there I found myself sometime in January, just sitting around, and decided to go checking on my website which I created many years ago and just haven’t been posting to for the past couple of years. Punched the web address into my browser and got a big stinking 404. Uhm…what??

Turns out, as this site also hosts my personal email account, I was asked sometime last Fall when I checked my email from the web, whether I wanted the latest and greatest email layout. “Of course,” I promptly replied. In retrospect, methinks I should have probably clicked the big ugly “learn more about these changes” link not only before I clicked the upgrade button, but also during the “are you really, really sure you want to do this?” step… Oh, bollocks. Well, what’s gone is gone.

Just learning how to use the new content management system now, changes are a-coming to layout and content as soon as I feel like making any.  At any rate: welcome back 🙂

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