Tiny frustrating issue with WordPress…resolved :)

OK, so I haven’t exactly been super good at updating this web site. Part of that is that I’m lazy…another reason is that I had hoped to publish more directly from my cell phone. But between my cell phone breaking several weeks ago (I just got a new one) and having problems with the WordPress app, things just weren’t working out 🙁

Well, I finally resolved the issue with the WordPress app. The problem was that whenever I posted a link or a photo from within the app, the links would get completely messed up. The result was that I was getting garbled text in my posts (example: the HTML tag

<img src=.... /a>

would get stripped of its starting and ending brackets (i.e., img src=…/a) and thus interpreted by all web browsers as plain text and not an image at all. The same was true for hyperlinks.

The solution? After searching for 2 days, I found this support article which explained that I needed to upgrade my PHP scripting engine on the server that hosts my site. And voila! It works!!

Happy happy joy joy 🙂

Proof: the following picture was updated from my phone:

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